“The taste, texture, and authenticity of the Brie from Rebel Cheese made me rethink all that I thought, knew and experienced with plant-based cheeses. I use the Brie extensively on the menus at my restaurant and lodge and enjoy featuring a plant-based cheese plate or tasting as part of our menus. 
The Rebel cheese 'chevre', in all its flavors has become a delicious go to from vegetable dishes and simple cheese tastings alike. It’s creamy texture and brilliant taste allow me to play with flavors and pairings without using dairy.
I recently taught a plant based cooking class at our lodge in the North Cascades and relished the idea of serving everyone a little snack as they started with the featured wine. A full selection of Rebel Cheese; in mid-course hit one of our guests asked why they were doing a cheese course in a plant-based class. Love it! Jaws dropped when I went through the lineup."
James Beard award winning Chef Jason Wilson

Chef Proprietor of The Lakehouse

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So delicious!

I really can say this about all the Rebel cheeses I 've tried. But the Strawberry Basil Fromage is the first one i've finished so i think that means it's my favorite ;-)

Simply amazing!

I can’t get over how good this fromage is! I’ve turned my dairy cheese friend lovers into converts with this, it is so delicious! Bravo rebel cheese!

Pimento Cheese
Shelley B.
Good flavor

Had a good flavor, liked the little bit of a kick. I don’t like spicy, but this was just right.

Truffle Brie
Jacob S.
Amazing product

The taste, the texture, the whole thing feels real. It’s delicious and amazing for those of us who can no longer eat cheese. I think this could be replaced for the real thing. Amazing!!!

Spicy and yummy!

I don't know how they do it, but this is fabulous!


So good! I had cheese and crackers for dinner!


Oh My, this is absolutely the best vegan cheese I've ever had. I could not stop eating it. I'd be proud to serve this on the fanciest charcuterie board.

Pimento Cheese
Loretta K.
Pimento cheese spread tastes like the dairy cheese!

This is a nice, spicey spread. It tastes like a dairy cheese spread. Well done!

Truffle Brie
Loretta K.
Truffle brie = YUM

This tastes great! Nice creamy texture, like a soft creamy brie. I don't like the rind of dairy brie but I liked this rindjust fine.

Honee Pistachio Chèvre

Good flavor but I don't care for the texture.

Balsamic Fig & Walnut Fromage = meh

Didn't do it for me. I think the texture is the issue.

Barbara G.

I liked it; daughter was a bit "meh".

Pimento Cheese
Barbara G.

I really like pimiento cheese but this was too much jalapeno for me. However, daughter enjoyed it.

This was my favorite; daughter enjoyed also.

Smoked Cheddar
Barbara G.

We enjoyed this one.

Truffle Brie
Michael J.

The Truffle Brie is incredible. Easily one of the most amazing vegan cheeses ever! The entire family loved it.

Andrea P.
My favorite

I buy the brie every time I place an order. It is the best vegan cheese I have ever had!

Truffle Brie
Donna H.
The Best

I only ordered one, but a big mistake couldn’t stop eating it. It was so delicious.

Kim S.
Perfect texture, wonderful and creamy taste

I haven't had any vegan cheese like this and I have looked all over! My non-vegan boyfriend loves it too, I just wish there was a store nearby for me to pickup!

Truffle Brie
Brian J.R.
Truffle Brie is amazing

This was soooo yummy! Had it on baggett French bread slices. What a treat at the hot tubs!

What a cheese!

I could eat this everyday! So flavorful!


This was amazing!

Great taste!

Very flavorful, loved it grated on my salad!

great flavor

We really liked the pepperjack cheese!

Melita C.
No flavor

This “cheese” had almost no flavor and definitely did not resemble Parmesan.