Real cheese made from plants

Artisan charcuterie-style vegan (dairy-free) cheeses for people who love cheese but not dairy.

What is artisan vegan cheese?


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Kirsten Maitland and Fred Zwar on Shark Tank

As seen on Shark Tank

Vegan cheese for cheese lovers.



Rebel Cheese makes the most AMAZING cheeses! Vegans and non-vegans LOVE these! Five stars!!!

Del Mar, CA

If you’re vegan and love gourmet cheeses, this is the best investment you’ll ever make! Truly vegan heaven!

Delray Beach, FL

Rebel Cheese is fantastic! So many varieties all are reminiscent of their dairy counterpart without the dairy and allergies that go along with it! We prefer to let the cows be!

Wake Forest, NC

I consider myself super picky when it comes to vegan cheeses and I'm completely blown away by every flavor/style of Rebel cheese that I've eaten.

San Mateo, CA

Some of the best cheese I had ever had - including animal cheese.

New Orleans, LA

I'm not vegan, but I am quite lactose intolerant, and have struggled to find a suitable alternative to cheese that tastes good, has a pleasant texture, and performs like cheese. Rebel Cheese is the best that I've found, and feels indulgent and rich, without hurting my body or animals in the process.

Portland, OR

I love it that I never have to create an appetizer- just put out Rebel Cheese and crackers. Guests rave and want to know where I got the cheese!

Boulder, CO

Meet Kirsten & Fred

Kirsten Maitland and Fred Zwar

Actually delicious.

We know...most vegan cheese is terrible. Our cheese is actually good because it's actual cheese, crafted to delight everyone from vegans to true cheese lovers.

Better for you.

No cholesterol

No preservatives

No artificial ingredients

Just familiar, thoughtfully sourced ingredients

Taste good, do good.

Our cheeses use less water & less land as compared to the dairy equivalent, so you can demand more of our cheese while demanding less of the Earth.