how should i store my cheese?

get the most out of your cheese

We called in food storage experts to learn the best ways to store and increase the longevity of your non-dairy cheese. After all, this cheese is far too delicious to let any go to waste!



Use by…

We recommend enjoying your cheese at its peak, within 5-10 days of opening.


Reduce airflow

Store properly wrapped cheeses in a vegetable drawer or crisper to reduce dehydration from airflow. Details below!



After each open, replace the wrapping to maintain humidity and prevent aerobic microbes, yeasts, and molds from entering.


Avoid odors

Keep your cheese away from odiferous foods so they don’t absorb other strong flavors.


how should i wrap my cheese?

Well, it depends on what kind of cheese you have! Check out these recommendations by our experts:


chèvre & fromage

Securely wrap in cheese paper and seal opening with tape or a sticker.

If wrapping with waxed paper, follow with a wrap of plastic

gruyere_2 copy.jpg

dill havarti, mozzarella, parmesan, pepper jack & gruyere

Wrap in cheese or wax paper & store in a partially opened plastic zip bag.

aged-blue_7 copy.jpg

bries & blue

Securely wrap in cheese paper or waxed cotton wrap, and store in the crisper.

Make sure cut surfaces are protected from drying out by applying a piece of wax paper to the exposed area before storing.

After a few days, you may see a continuation of mold growth on your rind (a rind is deliberately grown mold!). This is normal & expected.

Best within 5-7 days