This page is for informational & browsing purposes only. To place a wholesale order, email wholesale@rebelcheese.com by clicking the button below.

The Details

Set up a wholesale account by completing the below requirements.

  1. A copy of your state resale certificate or EIN is required before the opening order is processed.
  2. Email wholesale@rebelcheese.com with your order.
  3. Order minimum is $150.*Pricing and programs are subject to change at any time.

Cheeses must be immediately refrigerated and stored in the original packaging. This will keep them fresh until their expiration date. Do not wrap in plastic wrap or store in air tight containers. The cheeses do not like moisture.

Chèvres, Fromages, and Farmer's Cheese can be frozen after delivery for up to one month to extend shelf life

Everyday, Firm, Aged Cheeses, and Pimento: refrigerate only

Ordering: Orders placed by end of day on Sunday will arrive that Thursday, barring any shipping delays.

Box Fee: In an effort to make our service as eco-friendly as possible, we use recyclable and compostable materials whenever possible. As such, we include a $7.50 fee per box. Please inquire about how to maximize your box space.

Shipping: To ensure our cheeses arrive cold and in peak condition, we use 1-day express UPS shipping on Wednesday with Thursday delivery. Shipping on all orders varies by weight and destination.

If you would like estimates about the shipping and box fees, please send shipping address to wholesale@rebelcheese.com

  1. Return Policy. Rebel Cheese food items are perishable and may not be returned, unless there is damage, customer dissatisfaction, or a recall. Any errors must be reported within 1 day of receiving the product, including photos of damage. Contact information is included on following page.
  2. Receiving. You must be available to receive and store our cheeses in refrigeration immediately.
  3. Payment. Payment terms are Net 15, meaning that full payment is due in 15 days after the invoice date, and requires a credit card to be kept on file. On the seventh day a statement is past due, the credit card will be charged the late balance.
  4. Usage. If Rebel Cheese, LLC products are used as an ingredient (sandwich, salad, cheese board, etc.), advertising or marketing, Rebel Cheese must be included and approve of the label and/or product description.
  5. Local / National Advertising. You may use our trademarks and images of our products throughout the world to promote our products, but any nation-wide or broader campaign beyond your Internet website must be approved by us in advance. We may use your trademarks throughout the world to promote our products and our dealers.
  6. Pricing. Varies by variety. All prices are listed in US dollars. Prices may change at any time without notice.
  7. Confidentiality. All wholesale prices included here for Rebel Cheese, LLC products are confidential, and for the use of Retailers or Restaurants only. Publishing the price lists, ingredients or any other Rebel Cheese proprietary information will result in immediate termination of wholesale status. Trying to recreate the Rebel Cheese, LLC recipes or flavors now or in the future is forbidden. Rebel Cheese, LLC reserves the rights to seek damages for any losses that incur as a result of breaching these terms. 

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Hand crafted using traditional cheese-making techniques for uniquely artisan and undeniably delicious cheese from plants

Clean ingredients

Free of dairy, gluten, cholesterol, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and with many soy-free options, our cheeses are clean and more allergen-friendly.

Cheese-lover approved

Our cheeses are loved not just by vegans, but by true dairy lovers. As real cheese made from plants, our cheese can bring together people of all dietary preferences.